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The requirements of our customers shape also our considerations for the search and selection of qualified partners and employees:


We employ people who successfully completed an apprenticeship and proved their expertise on the job in a leading position for a longer period of time.

This is our company’s principle. Only in this way we are able to provide our customers in the areas of marketing and sales with the expertise that brings a true added value.

With experience, industry know-how, systematic proceeding and the knowledge how to implement solutions in cooperation with the customer. This is how we deliver a verifiable success, not only theoretically measurable but, as a matter of fact, applicable in practise.

             ONLY CHALLENGES

Regard your first contact or rather your application, respectively, as your first project for MC MARKETING CORPORATION. That means that you shouldn’t start upfront – first of all come to terms with our consulting approach, our topics, our understanding for the solution of our customers’ challenges as much as the entrepreneurial attitude that we expect from all partners and employees. Get in contact with us only after you are convinced to meet our requirements of competence and attitude.