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You are in the right spot when you clicked on the link “MC CAREER as partner” earlier. To become a partner should be your mid-term objective.

Ultimately, we are looking only for employees with potential as partner.
This is the right place, if you have already successfully passed a marketing or sales job after an excellent university degree of all kind.

We have learned that employees with an industry experience of at least 3-5 years are able to consult our customers more convincingly than those with an universal degree only. Another experience showed that there are exceptions: however, they are very rare. If you just finished your universal education and believe you are able to convincingly represent our consulting approach, you should persuade us from your exceptional talent.

We do not think in positions, steps and time tables, we think in assignments, results and opportunities. You as well? Then we fit together and you possess the most important attribute to start your career with us: you are entrepreneur.

                IN AN ENTERPRISE

You may set the pace and the direction of your personal and professional development. We render the opportunity for that and moreover a mentor who will not lead but rather support you. Whither your own way may lead you: you are the manager of your own career.


You have high expectations of a job at MC? Good. We also expect a lot from you: entrepreneurial commitment, creativity, self-determination, initiative, team work and responsibility for our customer’s success.

Our words are backed up by success, in all respects. This is how your success is reimbursed:

A basic salary that covers the necessities and a profit sharing that could truly double your basic salary, if you and the respective MC-company has deserved it.

You see, also here you are nearly challenged like a partner and vice versa you are in the position to expect the same for excellent performance at our customers.

Sparked your interest?

Please do not hesitate to contact our founder Horst Jepp, preferably via e-mail on

A short CV with a convincing motivation why you are interested in this entry model and why you meet the before mentioned prerequisites are fully enough for the time being.