tl_files/modern_orange/MC/MC.jpg CAREER as Student apprentice


As student apprentice you won’t make career, but you can considerably improve your career opportunities within the industry.

When you are looking for a mandatory internship you are wrong at MC MARKETING CORPORATION. There is no obligation here, you will rather find freestyle. Real working instead of brewing coffee, real thinking instead of shadowing. Shortly: no compromises. This is the reason for the minimum length of 6 months and the only thing that is compulsory.

For an internship you should have completed the bachelor with a very good personal learning success in a good timely manner, already finished internships and possibly gained international experience during studies or an internship. Excellent language skills, fantasy, initiative, humour, mobility as well as being a team player are also expected.

Sparked your interest?

Please do not hesitate to send your apprentice application preferably via e-mail on

A short CV is sufficient. Please let us know, short and concise, why you are interested in working at MC and why we should decide in favour for you. For example by clearly illustrating from where you started and what you intend to reach with us.