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Usually, MARKET RESEARCH polls the data and transmits it, together with interpretations, to the decision-makers in marketing and sales. But: Is usual also optimal?
On the contrary! Such collected data often ends up directly in the waste-paper basket or on the shelf. Or decision-makers interpret it as a self-fulfilling prophecy: „We knew it already“, making MARKET RESEARCHers the slaves of their own knowledge and/or their own goals.

Decision-makers are, however, not to blame. The blame is rather on the way MARKET RESEARCH was frequently carried out: MARKET RESEARCHers often lacked experience in responsible marketing and sales positions, and thus were unable to derive clear consequences or opportunities, e.g. for the management of a brand.

Only if MARKET RESEARCH – as with MC MARKET RESEARCH – is designed and carried out by people with marketing know-how in the first place, will it be able to come up with marketing-relevant recommendations. And only if it looks more into the future than to present or past, it will have a future.


The tools of MARKET RESEARCH at MC MARKET RESEARCH are similar to other market research companies. The major difference is the way we use them: MC MARKET RESEARCH combines the methodical know-how from market research with the strategic and conceptual know-how from marketing and sales consulting. We provide you with detailed implementation suggestions as well as recommendations for the future direction in marketing and sales.


We are your contact for all questions about implementation-oriented MARKET RESEARCH:
From design and implementation of your ad hoc study to assumption of your complete MARKET RESEARCH tasks.

We perceive ourselves as problem solver. We develop individual solutions for you based on our profound methodical knowledge.

We are in a close network with industry experts of MARKETING CORPORATION and their consulting companies.

This enables us to directly combine customer’s expertise with industry background from the most various areas as e.g. automotive, consumer goods, financial solutions and telecommunication.

                    IS DECISIVE.

Implementation belongs to our standard. Volumes of tables or reports without defined steps for an increased benefit for the customer do not count as results for us.

Problem solving instead of method selling
Tailor-made solutions for the individual problems of our customers are the focus of our work. The method is derived from the assignment and not vice versa. The hands-on application of science-based methods evolves from the continuous dialogue with scientific institutions as for example the WWZ at Basel university (centre for economic science) under the direction of Prof. Dr Manfred Bruhn.

Professional experience
Implementable MARKET RESEARCH can only be provided, when MARKET RESEARCH experts bring along specific experience within the industry. Ideally, like it is at MC MARKET RESEARCH also from customer’s point of view.

We are no lone fighters
MARKET RESEARCH may not be isolated. Therefore, we provide you with our employees and our deep involvement into the service cooperation of MARKETING CORPORATION a wide range of experiences from consulting, market research, marketing and sales.

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