Acquisition coaching Automotive


A German mass manufacturer of the automotive industry is challenged by securing his new car market objective with acceptable interest yields within his dealership network.

The sustainable setup of premium process quality of a systematic sales performance that customers are to experience in  a likeable and professional experience.

The traditional strength of the German dealership network lies in the support service of mainly proactive customers. A target agreement in writing, quantitative and qualitative, adapted to the sales person and the thereof resulting systematic market handling including steering by sales management still shows appropriate development potential.

Our approach

The MC COACHING INSTITUTE team determined the following modus operandi:

1.   The individual qualification requirements related to generated
      HO clusters were analysed quickly and target oriented.

2.   A modular coaching concept was developed for the defined

3.   More than 50 coaches were sensitized for the customer specific

The result

During the period between March and December 2003, our professional and distinctive empathetic coaches were active  in 225 retail companies of the OEM. During this time, more than 550 sales people from various levels were coached on the job. From more than 18,500 customer contacts, 15,800 potential customers could be qualified, which lead to 3,200 test drives. Thereof, 79 % were drivers of competitor’s trademarks. 1,130  sale contracts could be achieved during the days with coaching support.

Business Excellence in Sales


An importer of vehicles intend to close new agreements with his dealership network. Contents of the new agreements shall be binding target agreements concerning the number of units from sales of new and used vehicles and turnovers from service- and parts business. Subject to this is a trader’s individual business planning, which currently only exists rudimentarily. In parallel, there is no suitable steering- and rapid alert system throughout the wholesale level. Unused business potentials cannot be identified and specifically exploited. An active steering of the retail network does not exist.

The target is defined as follows:

-  Building up and implement  a standardised business planning
   which describes the individual trader’s situation

-  Securing of focussed steering of sales volume, turnover and

-  Installation of a holistic company comparison as “Control-Tower-
   System” under consideration of financial key figures.

Our approach

The MC COACHING INSTITUTES team determines in cooperation with the customer the following modus operandi:

1.  Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the trader’s
     performance and potentials

2.  Development and implementation of a business planning

3.  Creation and launch of a systematic rapid alert system and
     performance measurement system for the retail, wholesale and
     OEM organisation.

The analysis and method of the trader’s business planning as well as the intercompany comparison had been developed by consultants of the division MC AUTOMOTIVE.

During the implementation phase of the operating plan, the sales force as well as the dealership network of the importer were supported by coaches with vast  industry experience on the job. For ensuring the sustainability of the results, the coaching was executed in several intervals.  In the scope of introducing the intercompany comparisons, the dealership network was individually  familiarised with the topic by additional regional coaches on site.

The result

The sales force of the importer had been supported by experienced coaches on site. The results of the first reporting period are available, measures had been defined in agreement with the departments, the sales force and the traders.

The profitability reports for the first reporting periods are finished on various summarisation levels.