by Johann-Hinrich Nagel

MC-study “Quo Vadis field organisation” Underlying trend for sales forces in food retails

Johann-Hinrich Nagel, managing partner of MC CONSUMER GOODS GMBH     has studied in cooperation with his team the underlying trend concerning the field organisation of food retail for well-known consumer goods companies.

In the following, we have shortly summarised the trends:


1. Underlying trends from producer’s point of  view:

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Consulting competence and marketing know-how are the core competences of sales forces in the future.

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Excellent trademarketing is the centre piece of sales force work.

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Efficiency increase potential through:

  - Critical selection of review markets

  - Regionally optimised route planning

  - Consequent use of sales force systems

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Potential for increase of flexibility with regard to usage and costs for outsourcing of sales force services

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Sales forces who work exclusively for a producer are evaluated, with regard to motivation as well as brand  and company loyalty, not worse than producer-owned organisations

2. Underlying trends from trader’s point of view

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png The outlet level of trade is not at all ready to abstain from producer’s sales force.

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Current manufacturer’s sales force does not meet trade expectations in every areas

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png The quality of provided marketing measures is considerably extendable

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Increasing importance for manufacturer’s sales force for the areas:

   - Optimisation of turnover/profit (consulting)

   - Events/promotions

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Criteria for worthiness of a visit:

   - Size of marketing area

   - Interest in cooperation of market owner

   - Degree of influence

   instead of market size and market turnover

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Potential of mid place and independent retailer

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Engagement, expertise and regular contact are more important than the differentiation between external or internal sales force

tl_files/modern_orange/MC/Pfeil_B.png Continuity is the supporting pillar for a fruitful business relationship.

Should you have further questions or require a presentation of the complete study please mail to Mr. Johann-Hinrich Nagel on or write to Johann-Hinrich Nagel, Managing Director, MC CONSUMER GOODS GMBH, Louisenstrasse 120, 61348 Bad Homburg or give us a call on +49 (0)6172 964-3

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